Who We Are

Who we are

the team

Ariel Sultan

Founder / Creative Producer

After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Film & TV production, Ariel moved back to San Francisco to immerse herself in the food scene to produce hundreds of videos, photography, and marketing initiatives for a variety of food brands around the Bay Area. Her love for the outdoors drew her to work at the travel-outdoor apparel brand called Royal Robbins. At Royal Robbins, she spearheaded a robust content marketing program, which included managing shoots in featured travel destinations: Banff National Park, Kauai, the Alps, and SE Asia. Ariel believes that exceptional work starts with passionate, genuine people. She is honored to team up with Hannah, Michael, and JP of Outpost Digital Cinema to bring creativity, high production value, and great service to clients in the food, outdoor, and travel industries.

Hannah Park


Hannah is a Los Angeles based photographer, but her reach doesn't stop there. She's ready to travel to wherever your brand takes you. Hannah enjoys getting her hands dirty, climbing that extra 2,000 ft to the summit, and going the extra 5 miles to get the shot. Hannah has been doing photography for the last 6 years in various industries, including, but not limited to outdoor sports, product, food, editorial, and portraiture. She's inspired by the people around her whether it be her family, friends, or clients she works alongside with and they are the key elements that keep her going.

Michael Alfuso

Director / Cinematographer

Michael is a documentary storyteller, specializes in gimbal operation, and is motivated by type-two fun as it pertains to outdoor adventure. His work covers everything from animal / social rights, to environmental conservation and action sports, so long as there’s a meaningful story to be told. He is passionate about documenting the rapid industrialization of America’s public lands, and works closely with wildlife organization A.W.H.C. to bring this to the public eye through video/photo journalism.

jonathan park (JP)

Director / Cinematographer

JP is a commercial and documentary filmmaker. Since the age of 14, shooting and making movies was all he wanted to do. Fast forward to today, that same insatiable appetite for storytelling and adventure still lives on. His curiosity always gets the best of him and you’ll usually find him tinkering with the latest tech or with the lights on set. Outside of work, JP loves exploring new rock climbing areas and enjoying new coffee shops with his wife, Hannah. JP’s work covers a wide range of industries from corporate, commercial, documentary, food, and action sports.